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Job ref : QS0615-01 01-06-2015 - Subsea QAQC Inspection SPS/MCM/SCM - Offshore Topside

Job and missions :
QA/QC Inspector for Subsea Production Systems, Subsea Control Modules, Manifold Control Modules for Oil & Gas projects

The Service holder is responsible, within the SPS team, for inspection activities associated with MCM’s (Manifold Control Modules) and SCM’s (Subsea Control Modules) and tests stands fabrication.
The Service holder is responsible, within the SPS team, for following-up, monitoring and supervising Quality Control (QC) Inspection activities carried out by the  Contractor/Subcontractors during the Procurement, Supply & Manufacturing phases, ensuring that QC contractual and technical requirements are duly applied by Contractor and their suppliers.
The Service holder organises and participates in monitoring activities and planned QC inspections / audits / tests / meetings, etc., with Contractor and suppliers on their site, performs QC visits and tours and ensures adequate reporting (areas of concerns, problems encountered in the implementation of the Inspection and Test Plan by the SPS Contractor, corrective and mitigation actions) to the SPS Quality Leader and Company Site Representative.
The Service holder reviews the Contractor’s and suppliers’ QC documentation (Inspection Plan, etc.) and ensures its full implementation

In a general manner, the Service holder provides assistance to the SPS Package with:
  • Quality related matters associated with MCM’s and SCM’s.
  • All matters related to QC inspection.
As part of the SPS team the Service holder may be requested to support other SPS Packages provided this is compatible with his main function
The Service holder is also accountable for demonstrating, individually, an exemplary behaviour with regard to H3SE rules & requirements.
Work Scope: Includes the following monitoring activities:
  • Importation of goods and components
  • Machining, cladding, welding and assembly of MCM’s and SCM’s
  • Testing
  • Coating
  • Manufacturing Record Book Compilation
  • Handover
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation & Mechanical Completion Activities
The Service holder shall ensure the prompt issue of the dispatch dossier including all necessary certifications as well as the finalisation in a timely manner of the manufacturing record book associated with deliverables.
Required qualifications and backgroud :
  • Professional Experience : min 10 years in QA/QC Inspection activities
  • Experience in similar position : mini 5 years in similar role
  • Level / Diploma: Engineer, or equivalent
  • Languages: English mandatory


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