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What has Dan Helmer successfully done to help public education in Virginia?

Latest Major Action: House – Passed House with no amendment, 05/13/2. (May thirteen, 2021) Spectrum: Moderate Democrat. Bills Cosponsored: 12. Committee Memberships. Related Committee Chairs: Not Reporting. States represented by cosponsors of this specific bill: All 5. Current Committee Memberships. – Ranking Member, Economic Opportunity Subcommittee. Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Marketing communications as well as Technology Subcommittee.

Small business Committee (Subcommittee Chair, 1st Vice Ranking Member). Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee. Foreign Affairs Committee. internet and New Media. Chairman of the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR). Some of Helmer’s most recently sponsored bills include. public Lands and Natural Resources. This’s much better compared to the median of.5 % among the lifetime records of representatives currently serving.

From Jan 2024 to Jun 2024, Helmer missed 12 of 609 roll call votes, that is.0 %. International Affairs. The chart below reports missed votes in the lung haul. Asia, the Pacific, and Nonproliferation Subcommittee. Dan Helmer has centered on these problems or introduced bills related to these topics inside the last session: Crime and Law Enforcement. For instance, our roads were made for automobiles, not bicycles along with scooters.

The overall economy was not made by a few, but by every one particular. This’s precisely why he’s calling on states to buy the airports of theirs, that currently have a bit less than one % of federal spending. He also wishes to make sure that our ports and airports are utilized for industry, not terrorism. But with ridesharing companies as Uber and Lyft are helping a huge number of people today in our district leave their vehicles at home. Dan will use his years of expertise as a venture capitalist, company executive, and army officer to make sure that our infrastructure is safe and accessible for every woman.

That is exactly why Dan will make positive that the state invests infrastructure which mirrors the values of ours and how the infrastructure we have then is maintained to represent the economic system and wants of the communities of ours. He’s additionally pushing for federal investment in ports, like a modernized Panama Canal. Latest Major Action: House – Referred to the Committee on Small Business.

(May twelve, 2021) Introduced on Apr 202.2477: To permanently change the rules governing the regulation of particular synthetic cannabinoids. Really good morning, he said on the board members that had been sitting behind a doorstep which would secure away various other guests. I’m your’ special advisor’ – I am there for the security of yours. I’m right here to make sure you already know that not one person can enter with no permission from the board.