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Brazil is known internationally for its paradise beaches, bossa nova and samba, but in fact, what´s even more impressive than our beautiful nature and culture is the O&G market current possibilities.

There is a significant change in its oil and gas (O&G) market scenario taking place: with the development of pre-salt fields and the recent strategy of selling older assets by the largest state-owned oil and gas company in Brazil, a huge transformation is expected in the industry for the coming years. Based on the numbers provided by the ANP, the main regulatory agency for this sector in Brazil; the past investments made by the largest state-owned oil and gas company in Brazil in the pre-salt fields and their recent divestment plan are going to be essential for the growth of the industry.

By selling these assets, more than 100 E&P companies are beginning to settle in Brazil, resulting in more than 250 billion dollars’ worth of investments (IBP, 2020). This Divestment plan basically created a new sector of E&P with plural companies, and attracted more investments, mostly for the mature fields. With the correct players in each environment, Brazil will be an even bigger protagonist in the upstream O&G business, according to Saboia (2021). ( https://lnkd.in/eEzYcfBw )

As a direct consequence of this plan, we can already see the entrance of new players in the Brazilian O&G market, resulting in the increase of domestic oil production and competitive prices. With only less than 5% of these areas being explored, their full potential is still unknown, and there are indeed a lot of possibilities for those companies to thrive.

With the activities of the new operators, we will have these assets being re-explored and redeveloped, new technologies being tested and improved, and better infrastructure and revitalisation in general. All of these events will lead Brazil to even better market conditions and certainly will make the samba and bossa nova country the rising star for future investors of the O&G market.

Indeed it´s noticeable that there lies a great opportunity for EP2C to expand it´s services and be part of this growth. And that´s why we are already there, with all the right tools : we can provide creative solutions to clients, such as Engineering and Technical strategies, Project Teams, innovative ways to reduce company expenses without compromising quality with our outsourcing services. We are experts in finding ways to improve job satisfaction by providing excellent and efficient services, to expand our customer´s offerings and strategies, focused in communication & collaboration within teams. An innovative company for a new O&G environment!

So, if you want to know more about us and what we do, we are here to share our expertise and support your business in this amazing country !